Small Business Owners – Do they need Wealthy Affiliate ?


Small business owners must wear many hats. But some of these hats may not fit comfortably. That is why in this website I recommend that small business owners outsource some of their duties to retired executives. These seasoned executives have the knowledge and experience to help a young Company at a low cost since they work as independent contractors and are to be hired for a limited time to complete specific tasks. There are no overhead costs or long term commitments.


But in order to outsource a task, the business owner must have a basic understanding of the task to be outsourced. This basic knowledge is essential in order to define the task and discuss the subject intelligently with the executive to be hired. In future tutorials in this website we will be expanding on the basics of Government Sales, Export Sales and Sales through Representatives. But there is one very important business area where we recommend a different approach to becoming knowledgeable. This area is Internet Marketing.


Wealthy Affiliateoffers comprehensive tutorials on a variety of business subjects related to Internet Marketing. Website Design, E-Mail Marketing, Website Content Writing, are some subjects covered. Although Wealthy Affiliate is geared to teach marketing for Affiliate Sales, the course offered is applicable to every small business no matter what their product is. Especially valuable is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program.

This program includes 5 courses and 50 lessons that address all the subjects necessary to be successful in internet marketing. These basic courses are:



1. Getting Started

2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

3. Making Money

4. Mastering Social Engagement

5. Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation




Membership also includes access to all the tools in the platform. These tools include:


1. Website Builder

2. Domain Research

3. Website Performance Measurement Tools

4. Website Hosting Platform

5. Site Content ( Writing Platform )

6. Keyword Research Tools

7. Support (LiveChat, Site Technical Support, Q&A )

And very important, the Wealthy Affiliate Community.






One of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can learn from those fellow members who are more advanced and more successful. You can ask questions and you will get answers. Many of the more advanced members offer tutorials on a myriad of subjects. This training is found in a Training Headquarters where you will find videos, tutorials organized by subject. All of this additional training is free! Wealthy Affiliate encourages this exchange of information by applying to each member a ranking within the community. The ranking is based on involvement in the community, on training provided and demonstrated knowledge of the subject. Rankings range from 1 and 2 for the founders of Wealthy Affiliate up to approximately 200,000 for a new member that just joins. Members ranked in the top 100 get special benefits and they are assigned to answer your question in the training. By following the top 100 members you know that your answers will come from a knowledgeable member who can be trusted to give you a correct answer. All the answers are public, for everyone to see, and you can add your comments to the tread.


I recommend that you evaluate Wealthy Affiliate yourself by signing up for a free membership account. The free membership gives you limited access in the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. This is a partial list of what you get with the free membership:

– One Website. You will build these websites using the tools in Website Builder. You will have a choice of 15 Word Press Themes. It is important to note that to build these websites you do not need to know how to code. The Themes are very easy to use and with the instructions given in the tutorials you will have your website up in a matter of minutes. These free websites will be hosted in the platform. You can purchase at Wealthy Affiliate your own personal domain so you do not need to use the siterubix platform. You will probably do this after you decide to sign for the premium membership.

Beginners Training Course

Personal Affiliate Blog

Keyword Research Tool – 30 searches

Training Classroom

One on One Coaching – First 7 days only

This is only a partial list. Join for free and with no obligation to get access to the above and more. You could stay with the free membership forever but you will soon find that the premium membership is the best value. With the premium membership you get access to everything. For example:

Live Help – Unlimited

– 10 Websites

Website Security Package

Website Back Up

Complete Beginner Training Course

Live Video Classes

Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited searches

Private access to webinars

24/7/365 Website Support

Website Analysis

All the above, and more, at the reasonable price of $49.00/ month (considerable savings if you pay yearly).I found that this price is a bargain. When I became a premium member I transferred to Wealthy Affiliate another website of mine for which I was paying $107.00.00 for yearly hosting. The cost of hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is included in the premium membership. And up to 50 websites at no additional cost ! Just the cost of hosting a few websites elsewhere will exceed the price you pay Wealthy Affiliate for everything !


One of the reasons I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because it offers everything you will need. You do not need to buy a domain name in one place and hosting elsewhere or a website security package elsewhere. Everything you need is in one place and for a planned low cost. And of course the training that is updated regularly so you know that what you learn is current information. So I recommend that you get Internet Marketing Training at Wealthy Affiliate by signing up here. If you sign up here, clicking on my affiliate link, I get notified and I will be able to provide one on one coaching and support as a way to add value and as a Thank You for signing up using my link.


4 thoughts on “Small Business Owners – Do they need Wealthy Affiliate ?

  1. Great job Love your content very important. I am a member here but it’s amazing to spread the word. You stay within the niche which is extremely important. The images you’ve chosen are nice too great job honestly. The only thing I would  mention is try making your paragraphs shorter to keep reader attention.

  2. Good day to you, Carlos. 

    This sounds very complete to me to start an online business. With all the tools, as you describe, ready to use. And a well-presented technical support team with a live chat. I have a question. Is the live chat of Wealthy Affiliate also 24/7 available? That would be perfect, because I am living in Europe, and in a different timezone.

    I look forward to your answer, Loes

    1. Good evening Loes, Yes live chat is available 24/7 .Because Wealthy Affiliate members are from most countries around the world there is always somebody available to answer our questions.Look forward to seeing you inside  Wealthy Affiliate.Cheers. Carlos

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